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Saltwater New Arrivals 6.20.12
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Saltwater New Arrivals 6.20.12
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Powder Blue Tangs

XL Blue Hippo Tangs

Blonde Naso Tangs

Bicolor Angelfish

Eibeleii Angelfish

Clown Tangs

Diamond Gobies

Emperor Angelfish

Domino Damsels

3 Stripe Damsels

Yellowtail Blue Damsels

Blue Damsels

Pinks Skunk Clownfish

Flame Hawkfish

Ignitus Anthias

Orange Anthias

Pink Square Anthias

Lawnmowe Blenniers

Starry Blennies

Ocellaris Clownfish

Canary Blennies

Pajama Carinals

Green Chromis

Mandarin Gobies

Purple Pseudochromis

Bicolor Pseudochromis

Skunk Diadema

Scribbled Rabbitfish

Banded Cat Shark Egg

Bluejaw Trigger

Carpenter Flasher Wrasse

Six line Wrasse




Orange Ricordia

Green Ricordia

Red & Blue Ricordia

Super Blue Zoanthids

Strawberry Margarita Zoanthids

Ultra Red & Green Micromussa

Blue Tip Aust. Elegance Coral

Ultra Green bubble Coral

Blue Mushrooms

Green Mushrooms

Read mushrooms

Hairy Mushrooms

Pink Carnation Coral

Devil’s Hand Leather

Purple Plate Coral

Cabbage Leather

Red Acan Lord

Pink Zoanthids

Pagoda Cup Coral

Favia Brain

Ultra Green Brain

Bronze Palithoa

Purple Goniopora

Purple Micromussa

Reverse Prism Brain

Aust. True Prism Brain

Green Star Polyps

Tongue Coral

Green Moon Polyps

Tree Xenia

Red & Green Lobo Brain

Green Galaxia

Eagle Eye Zoanthids




Rose Bubble Tip Anemones

Green Bubble Tip Anemones

Haitian Condy Anemones




Skunk Cleaner Shrimp

Fire Shrimp

Coco Worms

Electric Scallops

Peppermint Shrimp

Sexy Shrimp

Black Turbo Snails

Mexican Turbo Snails

Red Leg Reef Hermit Crabs




Pukani Liverock

Fiji Premium Liverock

User Comments

Comment by GUEST on 2015-11-21 02:30:11
I have the exact I have the exact same RO/DI system. Your right it works great. Maybe I will make a vid of it. I have mine hekood up to my washer system. That way its in my washer room.

Comment by GUEST on 2015-11-21 03:10:08
@shadowmaster995 yeah I am I just gotta get the supplies and then I'll get strtaed right away. maybe I'll message you sometime; just by looking at your tank you're probably a complete expert on this

Comment by GUEST on 2015-11-22 00:23:10
I was really hoefupl for some good stuff today here in western Mass but it was not nearly as active as I would have expected given the weather. A few migrants here and there but no large influx. Others I talked to around the area had similiar results. Perhaps the end of the week will see a nice push?

Comment by GUEST on 2015-11-22 00:24:49
, others, iinnudclg myself, were disappointed with the volume of migration in Rhode Island, despite notable arrivals. I'll try to do a better job of making a regional analysis beyond southern New England now that I know I've got at least one reader from the area.I have hope that there will be a bigger push very soon.Thanks again!Tom

Comment by GUEST on 2015-11-23 10:52:24
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Comment by GUEST on 2015-11-23 17:44:26
Thanks for your enquiry. All our bikes colmepte an average of 35 hires before being sold. Prior to sale, the bike is given a colmepte strip down, and service by one of our team of mechanics and any parts deemed to be worn are replaced. Due to parts being replaced, bikes may differ from their original manufacturers specification. All ex-hire/demo bikes are second hand and are sold as seen. All bikes will be subject to a 3 month warranty. Pricing of the ex-demo bikes is dependant on the condition of the frame and components, and is confirmed once the bike has been serviced and inspected. The bikes start at minimum 30% off rrp. If the condition is poorer then the bike may be cheaper. We currently have 2 18 Fives in stock. One and one . The only difference in spec is that the silver bike has the custom painted neon orange rims, which explains the a350 price difference. The silver bike entered our demo fleet in October 2012, and has currently colmepted 27 hires. Depending on demand, I would anticipate this bike being for sale in 4-8weeks time. The green bike only arrived just before x-mas and has done 4 hires so far. I would anticipate this completing it's 35 hires not for a while yet, probably after Easter as a rough estimate.If you want to reserve a bike, we can take a note of your contact details, and once the bike is ready for sale we can give you a call. Alternitively if you are more keen to secure a bike, you can pay a deposit on a particular bike, which will secure it for you. Again once it has been inspected and serviced, we will let you know.I hope this answers your question. Please conact us if you need more information. Thanks again for your enquiry.

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